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“More than just Hire”


Coming into 2020, we have been pushing our social media footprint- the more support we have on Facebook and Instagram the more we can promote our clients and get their message across.


Some of our posts recently have reached over 100,000 people in the Melb area!


Currently in July – We have approx 6000 people following between our accounts, and we have also opened our Youtube channel which is starting to kick off! You will find promotional videos, client testimonials, equipment manuals (Coming soon) as well as some day to day video’s that help show YOU why we are leading the way in the hire industry.


By the end of 2020 we want about 25 videos up there!


See for yourself!


Head over to our Youtube channel and see if Liberty Equipment Hire is right for you.


Make sure you also LIKE our FACEBOOK page and FOLLOW our Instagram for your chance to get involved and win our weekly competitions. We have given away over $10,000 in prizes so far and with our comps ramping up for the rest of the year, why not get involved!


Richie Heathcote

Liberty Equipment Hire