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Liberty Equipment Hire offer a variety of traffic equipment for hire such as portable VMS boards, portable traffic lights, arrow boards, lighting towers, water barriers and crowd control barriers. We now also offer workwear equipment, high vis gear and traffic management equipment for purchase!

Liberty Equipment Hire pride themselves on offering the highest quality of equipment to their clients for highly competitive rates. Our customer service is first class and we’re happy to chat through your needs to see what will work best for your situation. Let us know which item below you are interested in and complete a request for a quote form if you are interested in discussing these items more. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible with a quote or more information regarding your requirements. 

VMS boards
VMS Boards

Bright multi-coloured (5 Colour Fonts) message boards. Perfect for advertising and road works. Stand out from the crowd with our clean and respectable equipment.

Arrow Boards

Our Arrow Boards are bright and clear to see at all times of the day. Arrow Boards provide road users the opportunity to clearly see road and traffic changes earlier giving more time for safer lane change.

Portable Traffic Lights

Our Portable traffic lights assist motorists with moving through a worksite safely, and efficiently. With a built in timer and radar, our units ensure that traffic build up is kept to a minimum.With adjustable settings to suit the length of site, they are perfect if you want to save money on traffic management.

Directional Light Towers

Our Light Towers for hire are perfect for public events or night time roadworks. Their intense brightness makes them suitable for large areas.

Pod Light Towers

Our Pod Light Towers provide a nice warm glow which is perfect for our events and roadworks. These lights specialize in providing a different glow than the standard light towers, and are very popular with roundabout works and high volume intersections.

Water Barriers

Our water barriers provide a strong work zone barrier to protect those working on construction sides or roadside activites.

Orange Crowd Control Barriers
Crowd Control Barriers

Our orange crowd control barriers really stand out from the crowd! Great to partition off event spaces and walkways for safety.

We Now Offer High-Vis Workwear & Safety Gear!
Workwear & High Visibility Clothing

Liberty Equipment Hire now offer corporate high-vis workwear including safety vests, high-vis long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, hats and protective equipment to meet PPE standards.

Traffic Equipment

If you require small traffic management items for purchase, such as traffic cones, temporary traffic signs, sign frames, speed limit signs, traffic control signs, markers and posts, barrier boards and hazards lamps. Give us a call for a competitive quote today.

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