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About Our Sustainable Initiatives


Liberty Equipment Hire strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and believes that a successful future for our business and the customers we serve depends on the sustainability of the environment, communities, and economies in which we operate.

As a responsible provider of equipment to the community, we bear responsibility to consider the impacts of our actions and how they affect the environment both directly in terms of our own operations, and indirectly through our purchasing decisions, the products and services we offer to our customers and the business opportunities we pursue.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and to demonstrate leadership by integrating the following environmental considerations into all our business practices:

  • Recycling old and used batteries.
  • Crushing and recycling used aluminium
  • Recycle paper and cardboard.
  • Purchase of recycled products such as paper/plastics where possible.
  • Recycle plastics separately to the above.
  • Recycling of other scrap metals.
  • Water filtration to assist with clean water to clean our vehicles¬†+ re-filling of our portable toilet fleet.
  • Using non harmful chemicals within the office space for cleaning purposes.
  • Supporting legislation to assist our communities with better and more efficient recycling services and procedures as they become available.
  • Reviewing all recycling operations yearly¬†and to adapt to new methods and procedures that can assist further with reducing wastage.

We will also be contributing to local charities and organisations that support the above ideals.

For more information on our Environmental Management policy and the ways we are improving our workplace to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, please contact management.


EZ Print Logo

EZ Print is a local business operating in the printing industry. Conscious of the impact their work has on the environment, they have taken it upon themselves to become a leader of recycling in their industry. They recycle all their excess paper and other recyclable materials to ensure their operations are environmentally friendly. Liberty Equipment Hire are proud of printing all our business cards and promotional material with EZ Print!


Since October 2020, Liberty Equipment Hire have recycled a magnitude of materials! Below lists what we have recycled so far:

2021 recycling - paper and cardboard

We have recycled 8 660L bins of paper and cardboard.

2021 recylcing - mingled recyclables

We have recycled 10 240L wheelie bins full of mingled recyclable products including bottles.

2021 recycling - scrap metals

We have recycled 3 240L wheelie bins full of scrap metals.

2021 recycling - batteries

We have recycled 31 batteries.

2021 recycling - soft plastic

We have recycled 64 recyclable shopping bags full of soft plastic.

2021 recycling - recyclable cans

We have recycled approximately the weight of 61 recyclable shopping bags full of recyclable cans.

Contact us today to see how we can work towards a cleaner, greener working environment together.