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ECO-360 LED Light Tower

With highly efficient LED lamps and 360-degree illumination our ECO-360 LED Light Tower is perfect for road works, traffic management, construction projects and events.

The latest in LED Lighting Tower technology, the ECO 360° LED features 6 x 150w high-efficiency LED lamps illuminating a full 360° around the tower, an efficient 2-cylinder diesel engine and automatic mast operating system.

The ECO 360° LED Light Tower uses highly efficient LED lamps mounted on a 8.5m vertical, hydraulic mast with a 48vDC extra low voltage lighting system and the Automatic Mast Operating Safety System (AMOSS) for added safety. Anti-glare technology ensures light conditions are safe for workers and the public and our light towers are mounted on a trailer for easy transportation.

We keep our light towers well maintained and serviced regularly. We have both short term and long term light tower hire options available and can deliver to any location across Victoria.

We only hire out the best quality equipment and have competitive pricing, so get in touch today for an obligation free quote. Liberty Equipment Hire will help you get your job done.

• Fuel efficient 2 cylinder, 1500rpm, water cooled diesel engine
• 200 hours run time
• 6 x 150w high efficiency LED lamps illuminating a 360° area
• 360° hydraulic mast
• Diffused light is dispersed 360° around the tower, no mast rotation necessary
• One person set up
• Compact design and mounted to a trailer for easy transportation
• Can be towed with a vehicle using a 50mm tow coupling

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