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Coming into 2020, we decided to get into portable toilets and it was a raving success. Our toilets are sourced locally through a family owned company in Dandenong called MF Portables. Gary and the girls there do an outstanding job with both the service and quality of their products. We purchased 30 straight off the bat and in the last few weeks of April, ordered another 50!
Our toilets all come with a massive tank to restrict the amount of pump-outs required per job which ultimately saves our clients money. We also have a fleet of toilets on trailers which are both practical for our drivers, and also give our clients the opportunity to move it while on site. Having this fleet is also beneficial for delivery however clients can collect their toilets to save money on delivery costs.
The trailer toilets come with stabilizer legs at the rear to ensure the toilet is stable once set up, and a lock hitch for extra security while being left on site for months at a time. A handrail and step at the front too also ensures our clients can enter and exit the toilets safely. With a built-in GPS, our clients have peace of mind that the toilet is secure for the length of the hire and all of our toilets also have full insurance coverage.
We service our toilets throughout Victoria, and can offer some amazing long-term rates for builders and civil companies that need a “no fuss” agreement. With flexible quoting depending on the location and duration of the hire, we have really made a great impression on those who have hired from us thus far and hope to continue to build up the fleet in 2020.
Adding portable toilets to our fleet of VMS, Arrow boards, Lighting towers and fencing – we can now accommodate for any event thrown our way!


Portable Toilets For Hire