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Letter from the Director – Feb 2017

What a year it was.

2016 was Liberty Equipment Hire’s first year. I remember the day the equipment was ready. It was March and Bartco rang to inform me my first 4x VMS boards were ready for collection! At the beginning of the year I had been on the sales trail pretty hard gathering up some old faces who I had worked with in the past, but also got some new clients on board too. Word spread that I had gone out on my own and it was great when I received calls from past clients asking for a quote.

M1 TRAFFIC CONTROL and MGROUP Construction Services were the first ones to really commit. I had previously been employed with these guys for 8 years so it was fantastic when they called me and asked for a quote. I was determined not to hassle them initially and let it run its course but I was both pleased and humbled when they reached out. These guys are true professionals and I believe lead the way with traffic management in the industry. I have the utmost respect for Mick, Tony and Michael and wish nothing but the best for them in the future.

VMS Boards, Arrow Boards and lighting towers were all used last year to help them with their roadworks sites across Victoria. Brand new equipment in the market place is scarce so I think that also helped me get the Liberty Equipment Hire brand up and moving. Before I knew it I had a dozen clients on board. Liberty Equipment Hire instantly inherited the reputation of good service and quality equipment as I have always felt that to be important in my past endeavours. Its satisfying when people call me and don’t ask for a quote – they just know my quote will be fair and just, but also they know exactly what level of service they will get….

Friendly, honest, fair, quality service. 

Liberty Equipment Hire prides itself on following these rules. We will always work with our clients to ensure they are always pleased with our service. There is never a job we cannot do.

Well that’s all for now! I am thankful for all those who have come on board and I look forward to 2017. Whether you’re a traffic management company needing a VMS or ARROW board, a Local council requesting a lighting tower for your special event or a local business looking for help with your next sale – feel free to give Liberty Equipment Hire a call today.



Richie Heathcote


Liberty Equipment Hire