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Another of our VMS boards that you may have seen around the local area was one for Trish and the folks at Rotary Club Berwick.

They had their food truck event coming up and we utilised the space in Akoonah Park for advertising with one of our VMS Boards.

The Rotary club are a great organisation that do a great deal for the community, and I’ve always got a soft spot for helping community groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations! We like to help out that little bit extra where we can for these kinds of groups in the community.

Trish was a pleasure to deal with and overall both parties were pleased with the outcome.  The hired VMS was on site for a few weeks prior to the Food Truck Event and had great visibility as it really lit up the area at night.

We believe the VMS board helped overall with bringing people to the event – so thanks to the Rotary Club Berwick for the opportunity and I hope we can help you out next year!